Hair Coloring

Hair Coloring

Tiaska , The Best Beauty Salon in Dubai brings innovative hair color experience to bring out the beauty in you. Our hair stylists provide the best Loreal Hair color to offer best in beauty in and around the UAE. We are well aware that not every color matches your hair and your face. So it is important to check the hair color and the face color before choosing one. Do not worry, choosing the best hair color is our responsibility and we make sure we will provide the best one that your mind and beauty desire. We believe that offering you the best in industry and beauty also means giving the expert advice and service. We bring at-home salon experience with all the attractive Loreal hair color. In order to help our clients with what best suits the hair requirements, shade choice, we have expert advisers to explore the hair color possibilities.

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Know the types of Hair color by us

  • Temporary hair color

You might have seen the purple and gray shades of strands in the social media flaring up recently. These trending hair strands are attractive and pretty while taking up the pictures, not everyone would be interested in maintaining such a bold look forever. Thus, a temporary hair color will do its role here. 

  • Semi permanent hair color

If you are interested in maintaining the hair color a bit longer, then semi-permanent hair color will do the trick. The dyes do not contain ammonia and can be used without any second thought. Semi permanent color lasts for around 8-9 washes. 

  • Permanent hair color

If you wish to stick to one color forever, then permanent hair color is the best choice. It requires complex chemical processing and it will deeply penetrate into your hair. 

  • Root color

If you simply want to cover your gray roots, then going ahead with root color is the best choice. Approach us for a root touch up to maintain your natural color. `

  • Hair bleach

Do you have naturally dark brunette hair? Then it is important to have a hair color bleach to make your hair light before dyeing it to light shade. 

  • Gloss

Hair gloss is for adding a  tint of color to your hair and we help you with the apt color of your choice. 


It is a myth that hair color damages your hair. If you feel that your hair causes damage after hair color, it is due to the wrong hair care regimen for the color treated hair. 

It is a common myth that everyone hears all the time that their hair color looks fake after the color treatment. In reality hair dyes have rolled on over the years and there are many options for achieving a natural looking hair color even if it is far from the color of the hair you are born with. Loreal hair color gives you a fresh tint of color without causing any damages. It also enhances the hair tone by hydrating the hair for a prolonged time. 

It is recommended that there should be at least 6 weeks in between the hair color applications. Approach us for any guidance in the temporary or permanent color. 

  • Do invest in color-enhancing hair products. 
  • Do condition your color frequently
  • Do protect your hair from the sun. UV rays fade hair color and dehydrate strands.
  • Do not shampoo frequently. It is recommended to shampoo twice a week. Avoid using chemical made shampoos as their cleansing agents can strip hair of dye pigments.
  • Do not use too much hairspray. Hairspray strips the color from hair, so try to avoid it. If you need the hold, follow it with some kind of serum.

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