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Have you heard of Dr. Renaud’s method of treatment for your skin? Dr Renaud facial Dubai is a certified way of skin rejuvenation facials that follows stringent and scientifically sound principles. The products are approved by the pharmaceutical environment by Health Canada. Dr. Renaud treatment is highly hydrating anti aging treatment especially for tired, dehydrated skin. This treatment enhances the complexion, reduces excessive pigmentation, improves facial contours and reduces the aging signs in skin. The features of Dr Renaud facial are:

We deal with fine lines and wrinkles

The beauty specialists at Tiaska provides relaxing facial treatment using Dr Renaud method which is apt for all skin types. The treatment also includes the first signs of wrinkles even if it is most sensitive. DR Renaud is an alternative to surgical anti-ageing treatment methods. The facial specialists use glycolic plus with AHA anti ageing methods as a first choice to treat the skin textures. Dr. Renaud Facial Dubai uses radiance treatment methods that reduces pigmentation, improves elasticity and complexion radiance.

Dr Renaud Facial for Hydration and Complexion

With pleasure we deal with the most sensitive maintenance treatment for all types of skin, especially aging and dehydration, sensitive or oily skin types. It reduces the brown spots or pigmentation that is caused by exposure to sun, makes even skin tones, epidermal rehydration and enhances the overall skin appearance. We specially deal with the black heads, white heads to get the pores cleaned out.

Dr Renaud hydration facial includes cleansing, toning, exfoliating, steaming that ends with beautiful glowing and hydrating facial experience. You are continuously exposed to harsh environments that make your skin torn easily. Treating your skin with the right facial is the best choice you could make. Our Organic facials UAE provides ever nourishing facials from the hands of our specialists. We help you get rid of harmful effects of the pollution on skin and make your skin hydrated, moisturized and cleansed. Deep cleansing organic facial includes a steam session that opens up pores and wipes out dirt, excess oil, chemicals and grime. Our experts help in rejuvenating, glowing and re-invented skin through organic facials.

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