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Beauty is within you. It’s just the right blend of products that enhance your gorgeousness like a heavenly touch. Are you looking for an attractive and organic hand henna Dubai ? Then, you have reached the right spot for all your wedding functions and other events that will cater to your beauty as well as mehendi requirements. At Tiaska, we specialize in providing hand henna, makeup and other beauty enhancing services with a team of experts. Be in a heaven of beauty with our talented team of artists for any of your functions. 

Tiaska Beauty Lounge Dubai
Organic hand henna Dubai

Designs Offered in Hand Henna Service

Our hand henna experts are well aware of the customized designs and are proud to offer attractive beauty enhancing services at your convenience. The artists at Tiaska are extremely talented and will provide you with a wide range of designs to choose from which will put the deep red on your hands and feet. We offer a bundle of hand henna designs for you to choose as per your event or choice. The various designs offered include:

Tiaska Beauty Salon - Professional Salon in Dubai

Why do we choose only Organic Hand Henna for you?

Yes! We use only organic hand henna for any design you choose as customers are our priority. Our hand henna is being made using natural leaves by sorting, grinding and particulate filter processes. Only the quality henna leaves which gives a deep red colour used for designs. The free flowing henna powder takes you to next level beauty and imparts several benefits:


Tiaska Beauty Salon - Professional Salon in Dubai
Organic hand henna Dubai
Tiaska Beauty Lounge Dubai
Tiaska Beauty Lounge Dubai
Organic hand henna Dubai- Tiaska Henna Salon

Talented Artists at your convenience

Our mehendi artists have exceptional skills, creativity and flair that brings ultimate justice to our customers’ hands and feet. We make sure you get to flaunt the stylish and attractive mehandi designs. Our talented artists are:

  1. Aware of latest mehendi trends
  2. Design according to customer choice
  3. Research perfectly before designing 
  4. Gives trial for personal satisfaction


Tiaska Beauty Salon - Professional Salon in Dubai


No. You shouldn’t wash hands before applying mehendi as moisture hinder the henna quality of drying.

Henna color lasts for 2 weeks

  • Once we put the design, keep it on for 4 -6 hours. The longer the best!
  • Do not wash hands before applying
  • Keep an eye on ‘Setting time’ and it affects how long the stain will last.
  • After the Setting time, first remove the paste or gently pick at it with your finger.
  • Do not wash it.
  • Then apply coconut oil on stubborn bits to remove easily.
  • Lastly, avoid getting the design wet for 10 hours after removing the paste off. This step is important to get a beautiful dark stain.
  • Do not make your palms cold. This is important to get a dark stain. 

  • Keep the mehendi paste on as long as you can maintain. The longer you let it keep on your palm undisturbed, the better and long lasting stain you’ll obtain. 
  • Apply dry heat to make it more pigmented. Keep your henna design warm.
  • ​Avoid using that area as much as possible to avoid excessive flaking of the henna paste.
  • After taking the paste is scrapped off: Avoid washing your stain or any contact with water as long as possible. It can be kept up to 24 hours.

Yes. Organic hand henna is better than artificial colourants.

Yes. It is 100 % reliable and chemical free which is skin friendly. 

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