Best hair cut salon in Dubai for round faces | Hair cuts to avoid!

A perfect haircut holds immense significance for women as it goes beyond mere aesthetics, influencing personality, style, and confidence. The right hairstyle complements facial features, accentuates personal style, and enhances overall attractiveness. A well-executed haircut at the best hair cut salon in Dubai can be transformative, boosting self-esteem and confidence levels. It serves as a powerful form of self-expression, allowing women to convey their personality and individuality.

The confidence derived from a perfect haircut radiates in various aspects of life, impacting how one is perceived both personally and professionally. Additionally, a stylish and well-maintained haircut reflects a woman’s commitment to self-care, fostering a positive mindset and a sense of well-being.

In this article, let’s explore the haircuts you shouldn’t have if you have a round face!

Curly hair with circular layers

If you have curly hair, avoid these types of cuts. With these layers that soften the features, you only emphasize its rounded shape. If you also add the wavy profile of the curls, the effect is multiplied.

With layers at cheekbone height

If your face was long, we would tell you to resort to this cut without wasting time. But if what you have is a round face, it won’t particularly flatter you. This very marked layer will only emphasize the shape of your cheeks, and that’s exactly what you don’t want.

The long bob that is too straight

We know that it is fashionable and that everyone is crazy about it, but if you style it the wrong way, you may end up rejecting this cut. Parting in the middle and looking too straight will make the face stand out more, the hair will lose prominence and, therefore, you will achieve the opposite effect to the desired one. Better opt for the part on one side and a little more volume.

The weathered bob

While the long bob does not favor us if we wear it very straight, in the case of the traditional bob, as it is shorter, the opposite happens. Keep in mind that, if we draw layers and curl the hair, when it reaches just the height of the jaw, we will be creating a second oval that duplicates the shape of the first.

The mini bob with bangs

In this case, we are eliminating the forehead area from the equation, which contrasts with the rounded cheeks, and therefore removing the little contrast that distances us from soft and rounded shapes. So no, it’s not a good idea.

Tiered Bangs

Unless their shape is very sharp and angular, these bangs that frame the face will only emphasize the rounded shape, as if you were creating a frame for it. Better to pass on them.

Midi hair without layers

Its minimalism is not the best idea; especially if you have it combed very clear of the face. You will only be able to enhance its shape, without the hair serving as a contrast.

The Morrison Cut

If we had to define this cut with a geometric shape, it would be a circle. If we also think that it is usually applied to curly hair, the sinuous shapes multiply. Therefore, if we want to simulate a straighter face, it is an idea to discard.

The straight hair

Although its verticality is, in principle, an ally, the fact that it falls so lankly around the face only enhances its shape. We are not creating any distracting geometry, and therefore, we miss the mark.

So, what do you think about this article? Next time you come for a haircut at the best hair cut salon in Dubai, try to avoid these style. However, consult with an expert hair stylist at Tiaska Beauty Lounge to determine the ideal hair cut. Call now for a consultation.

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