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Love that silky, colored, and stylish hair? What are you waiting for? Dress up, lock the doors, grab your car keys, and visit the best beauty salon in Dubai. What’s so scientific in it?

On the other side, if you’re reading this blog, it means you’ve some queries. There’s nothing wrong in it. If it is your first time, it is quite possible that you’ve questions in your mind. Everyone has.

It is quite necessary to understand the type of hair you’ve, the damage it already has, whether it needs pre-straightening treatment, the color, cut and style, and post- straightening care. The suggestion is to talk to beauty salon professionals.

One thing we promise to you. By the time you reach the best beauty salon in Dubai, you will get most of your queries answered. Want to know more about the subject? Let’s begin.

What is hair straightening?

Hair straightening is a cosmetic procedure used to make curly or wavy hair straight, shiny, stylish, and sleek. The process temporarily alters the hair’s structure, breaking down the natural curl pattern and creating a smoother, straightened appearance. The best beauty salon in Dubai first assesses your hair condition, make necessary treatments if required, and then start the procedure. So, relax! You’re a few steps away from getting your dream hair.

Chemical-free straightening: how it works

In chemical-free straightening, the most used techniques are the progressive brush and the definitive brush. In the progressive brush, a product is used that temporarily relaxes and smoothes the hair, leaving it smoother and with less volume. However, it is important to note that progressive can damage the wires if not done correctly.

Definitive brush is more aggressive technique than the progressive and is indicated for those who want a more lasting effect, leaving it straight for a longer period. It alters the structure of the hair. However, it is important to note that the definitive can also damage the wires.

Therefore, you must visit the best beauty salon in Dubai for a risk free hair treatment.

Keratin hair smooth process: is it for you?

Keratin hair straightening is a popular semi-permanent hair treatment that uses keratin protein to straighten and smooth the hair. The process involves applying a keratin-infused formula to the hair and then sealing it with heat. This treatment in the best beauty salon in Dubai helps reduce frizz, repair damage, and make the hair more manageable and straight for several weeks. This treatment is suitable for most hair types.

It is ideal for those looking to achieve a natural-looking straightened effect. The best beauty salon in Dubai always prefers your preference. The process of hair straightening will be different depending on the type of hair you’ve, the style and cut you want, and the volume of the hair. On the other hand, the hair stylist may suggest you the best hair cut and straightening method that suit your style, personality, skin color, face type, figure, dress sense, and professional background.

Do you’ve curly hair?
Japanese Hair Straightening –

This treatment is effective for individuals with very curly or frizzy hair. It provides long-lasting results and can transform extremely curly hair into sleek, straight locks.

Ionic Hair Straightening –

Suitable for those with moderately curly or wavy hair, ionic hair straightening uses negatively charged ions to alter the hair’s structure temporarily.

Steam Hair Straightening –

It is a gentle option for those with less curly or wavy hair. Steam hair straightening uses steam to help straighten and style the hair without excessive heat damage. 

Capillary relaxation: hydrating, nourishing, and reconstruction

It is recommended for use on frizzy & curly hair that wants to quickly acquire suppleness of the strands, but without giving up the curls. The idea is to have professionals qualified to perform the procedure, which will bring benefits such as decreased volume, weight removal, make it lighter, provides shine, and it guarantees softness. It is done with keratin hair protein.

Precautions to take before hair straightening

The best beauty salon in Dubai stays extra careful before carrying out any straightening. It is necessary to create a protection routine that strengthens the locks and keeps them resistant so that they do not suffer serious damage.

  • Apply thermal protector to the wires so as not to burn the ends
  • Use moisturizers suitable for your hair and create a routine with this care
  • Humidify with aloe or olive oil
  • Look for the best hair stylist to do the strand test, and also the procedure.

Your strands may not prepare for straightening. Therefore, there’ll be a recommendation that you carry out hydration beforehand. It is ideal to avoid using dyes or bleaching yourself at home. Hydrate your hair frequently, at least 3 to 4 times a week. Avoid using a flat iron or dryer. Always visit the best beauty salon in Dubai and consult with a professional.

Post straightening hair care

Hair straightening requires you to take greater care of the strands, keeping them protected against porosity and serious damage. Strands received an intensive treatment to be straightened. That’s why you need to do frequent trimming to remove dull ends, every 2 months. Also –

Create your hair schedule: use moisturizing masks, do not forget about nourishing coconut oils, vitamins and nourishing masks;

Capillary reconstruction: After straightening, it is important to avoid washing your hair in the first few days and use specific products for chemically treated hair. Use anti-residue shampoo – (Keratin either in liquid, gel or cream form), ampoule, reconstructive mask and finisher;

Follow the instructions given by the best beauty salon hair specialist in Dubai. It will bring you the best result, without causing hair loss or porosity.

Facts about hair straightening
  • Straightening with guanidine is a good option for curly hair, as it helps to relax the strands.
  • Thioglycolic acid can be a good option for mild-wavy hair, as it helps to make the strands smoother.
  • Japanese straightening is a good option for curly hair, as it helps to make curls looser and defined.
  • Formaldehyde can be a good option for damaged hair, as it helps to strengthen the strands.
  • Before doing any type of straightening, it is important to do a strand test to check the resistance.
  • Straightening can cause hair loss if not done correctly or if the strands are not healthy. The idea is to opt for a professional beauty salon in Dubai.
  • Straightening can be done on dyed hair, but it is important to wait at least two weeks after coloring.
  • The duration of the straightening effect varies according to the type of product used and structure of the hair, but generally lasts between three and six months.
  • Straightening is not suitable for all hair types, especially very fine or fragile hair.
  • Straightening can be done on chemically treated hair, as it depends on the type of chemistry.
Are you on the way to our beauty salon?
As promised, we hope we have your most common doubts resolved. However, there may be other doubts in your mind. If you still have doubts, why not you visit the best beauty salon in Dubai, and clear your doubts?
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Visit the best beauty salon in Dubai today for expert treatments, luxurious deep conditioning, and personalized care. Say goodbye to breakage and hello to luscious locks. Book now and experience the transformative power of healthy, resilient hair! And, of course, have a safe driving!

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