The ultimate guide to the best Moroccan bath in Dubai

A Moroccan bath is an ideal choice if you’re looking for a complete physical and mental detox. Also known as Hammam in Arabic languages, the Moroccan bath is an ancient tradition. The word ‘Hammam’ means ‘bathroom’ and is often confused with a Turkish bath.

Let’s dive deep into the types and rituals of the Moroccan bath in our ultimate guide to the best Moroccan bath in Dubai.

Types of Moroccan bath

  1. Traditional Moroccan bath: There are several steps and stages in a traditional Moroccan bath.
  2. Bridal Moroccan bath: Traditionally held before the wedding day, this type is ideal for pampering the skin.
  3. Argan oil bath: This Moroccan bath uses argan oil to moisturize, lighten and protect the skin from ultraviolet rays.
  4. Indigo bath: Indigo bath uses a natural ingredient called indigo powder, which is famous for its lightening properties.
  5. Postpartum bath: A bath specifically aimed at women going through postpartum stress allows for the exfoliation of the skin to give smoother results.

What can you expect from the best Moroccan bath in Dubai?

While being topless in a room full of strangers sounds scary, trust us, this experience will be one of a kind. Don’t worry no one will judge your body. Upon arrival to the hammam, you will be given a locker and asked to undress. Women have the option to wear bikini tops or go completely naked. On the other hand, men are required to wear boxers or swimming shorts.

After the dressing is taken care of, you will be shown into a steam room. Steam helps open up pores and help you relax. The best Moroccan bath in Dubai helps you relieve your physical and mental stress through this step.

Sometime later, your attendant will return with black soap. Black soap is a traditional Moroccan product famous for smoothing the skin. After the soap is on, the attendant will gently rub it on your body for a few minutes more.

The soap will then be rinsed with more hot water. The next step is to exfoliate. A Kessa glove or an exfoliator will be used to scrub your skin off of all dead cells. Note that the attendant will be pretty rough with you on this step.

The final step will be a cold shower. The cold shower benefits the skin, leaving it soft, smooth, and polished.

The best Moroccan bath in Dubai is the best self-care routine you can swear by.


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