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Stressed with your hair condition? Is it damaging your personality and professional self-esteem?
No more hiding!
The best hair treatment in Dubai brings you the finest and affordable solutions. We desire healthy, lustrous, and silky hair to increase our self-esteem, personality, and beauty. The end goal is to maintain our hair’s appearance and feel, whether we embrace our natural hair styles or take care of treated hair.
There’re various types of hair damages. Today, we’ll talk about Capillary realignment.
Capillary realignment is a treatment (specially made for damaged hair) that recovers the health of the strands, hydrating, adding shine, controlling frizz and reducing the volume of the strands. The treatment has thermal application, similar to that of a progressive brush, but it doesn’t have any type of chemistry in its formula.
Before the expert starts the hair treatment he finds out the reason how your hair is damaged, the level of damage, and the time it will take to reduce the symptoms. Were you interested? To maintain their hair in top condition, perhaps more and more people will continue to place a high priority on having the best hair treatment in Dubai.
So, shall we start?
What is hair realignment?
Are you looking for the best hair treatment in Dubai to recover your damaged strands? In this sense, capillary realignment is the ideal option. It is a treatment that addresses your damaged hair, preventing new aggressions and reducing frizz. The amino acids used in this treatment serves to recover damaged strands, reinforce the protective layer of the capillary fiber.
Although it is not aimed at straightening, as it does not change the structure of the hair, the treatment leaves the hair more aligned, which can give the impression that the hair has been straightened. Capillary realignment can be done for all types of hair, including chemically treated ones.
Benefits of this best hair treatment
Capillary realignment serves to recover damaged hair, either by chemistry or the excessive use of heat device, bringing back the vitality and strength of the strands and reducing frizz and volume. Best hair treatment in Dubai also helps to seal the cuticles – the outer layer, which covers the wire. Healthy cuticles offer better protection against external agents such as the sun, and the high temperature of devices such as the dryer and flat iron.
Realignment straightens hair?
Capillary realignment is not a procedure designed to straighten hair. But, among the consequences of realigning the thread, is the smoothing and relaxation of the texture. Therefore, the hair can get a smoother effect or with more open curls. Hair realignment is done in the best beauty salon, because it requires a series of professional care.
The first one is product choice. Some are sold under the ‘safe to use’ label, but contain strong chemicals in disguise, such as formaldehyde or ammonia. Therefore, if you want to get the best hair treatment in Dubai, even in the salon, ask the specialist about the formula.
The walkthrough generally follows the following pattern –
  • The hair is washed with a deep cleaning shampoo to remove impurities and other residues.
  • In this way, the product penetrates better into the structure.
  • With dry hair, the hairdresser applies the realignment product lock by lock, with the help of a fine comb.
  • It’s time to wait a few minutes for the realignment to take effect.
  • In the end, the hair expert gently glides the brush to free any lock-knot. The flat iron is used to seal the wires.
Hair realignment for curly and frizzy hair
Curly strands are more fragile. Compared to straight ones they have more irregular cuticle layers. A pro hair stylish considers this fact before starting the best hair treatment. The realignment of the cuticles has as one of its main functions the sealing of coatings, making the film more resistant.
Another point of attention of curly hair is porosity. It is as if the fiber lost part of the mass that forms it, becoming irregular. When this happens, the scales are open, leaving the hair porous, opaque, brittle and lifeless. Amino acids used in the best hair treatment rebuild the thread because they fill in those empty spaces and close the cuticles.
How long does hair realignment last?
The effect lasts for about three to four months. After that time, it is necessary to repeat the procedure. Capillary realignment can take, on average, two hours to be done. The exact time will depend on the state of your hair and the length of the strands.
As amino acids are components naturally found in hair, they are compatible with any type of hair, even those already treated with other types of chemistry. Highlighted and fully colored hair can receive the best hair treatment in Dubai without any problems.
Capillary realignment is good for pregnant women as it is a chemical-compound free procedure. To be sure, it’s always good to talk to an expert beforehand.
Difference between hair realignment and progressive brushing
Hair realignment is the best hair treatment in Dubai for damaged hair that does not use chemicals such as formaldehyde. In addition, it does not have the ability to change the structure of the strands. The progressive brush is made of formaldehyde and other chemical compounds in its formula, with the aim of modifying the structure of the hair and smoothing the strands
In the end
Still have questions about the procedure?
Visit the best beauty salon and get more information on the best hair treatment available in Dubai. Hair treatment is not necessarily for damaged hair. Healthy hair treatment can further promote hair quality and stability.
At Tiaska Beauty Lounge, our hair care experts have years of experience. We’re one of the finest beauty salons in Dubai.

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