Hair Botox Keratin Treatment: What everyone should know before hair straightening?

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Have you heard about the hair botox treatment before? Do you worry that it involves the sticking of some needles into the scalp? We know that whoever thinks about the botox might have heard it as the procedure for getting rid of wrinkles. But we assure you hair botox keratin does not involve any needles. If you are looking for shiny, smoother and healthier hair, there is no treatment like hair botox and keratin treatment that make you gorgeous.

Let’s see in detail what hair botox is and why it is important to know before your hair straightening procedure.

What is Hair Botox? 

Imagine a hair botox treatment in the same way you see skin botox. Botox is otherwise known as BTX or Botulinum Toxin and is prepared from botulinum, a bacterial toxin. Botox is exclusively used in cosmetic and medical treatments to remove wrinkles and fine lines and even for migraines. Hair botox is not like skin botox and the main objective is to make your frizzy hair smoother and attractive. Hair botox is simply like a deep conditioning treatment for your sweet hair. If the hair dont have sufficient hydration

you may suffer from frizzy hair and this is the best time to treat your hair with botox.
As mentioned earlier, hair botox is nothing but a simple conditioning method which does not use any chemicals. This treatment gets into your hair with ceramides which has a role of protecting all types of hair. This conditioning method reduces the frizziness and repairs the hair damage too. Both men and women can use this as a best treatment that makes your hair always groomed.
Hair Botox and Hair Loss

One of the leading causes of hair loss is due to the variation in the DHT hormone. It has been proved by the Canadian researchers in 2010 that botox is the best treatment for hair loss. It was proved by a Canadian researcher, Professor Freund after he injected the scalp of many persons with botox and found that the hair started to grow back. There were 40 participants and in the end he concluded that the hair growth has increased by 18% over 60 weeks. It is the same as in the case of oral medication and doesn’t have any side effects as well. The conclusion was that the hair fall reduced to 39% with response rate as a whole by 75%.
Hair Botox works much the same way to skin Botulinum Toxin without getting infusions into your scalp. Hair Botox contains a mixed blend of supporting elements like Vitamins B5, Amino Acid, Vitamin E, Collagen Complex, Glyoxylic Acid, BONT-L Peptide, etc. Notwithstanding the additional advantages on the hair, these fixings in hair botox have been shown to assist with reducing going bald. The hair botox behaves like a channel to your hair. They help fill in any of the holes in your hair’s regular fiber, leaving it looking more young by all accounts.

Where Can You Get Hair Keratin Treatments? 

Hair botox is an exceptionally specific treatment that is normally not promptly accessible in every place. You would all the more normally observe hair botox at a very good quality specific beauty parlor like Tiaska. The primary explanation is that the genuine hair botox is just accessible at particular dispersion channels, so there are less chances that your neighborhood salon will have this treatment recorded on their menu of services. For a quality hair botox treatment you don’t need to spend much and depends upon where you go to make it happen, and any extras you choose to do with the treatment. There have been a few stories where people have chosen to control the treatment at home. Indeed, the treatment would be less expensive, however you risk forever harming your hair and scalp.

How Long Can You Expect Hair Botox to Last?

When going for the hair botox treatment, it will take generally between an hour to 90 minutes relying upon how long your hair is. Regularly your beautician will wash your hair to eliminate any overabundance buildup. Thereafter, they will apply the hair botox for roughly 30-45 minutes prior to washing it off and applying any extra services you may need. Hair botox medicines will offer semi-extremely durable outcomes that ordinarily last somewhere in the range of 2-4 months, in light of how much your hair develops and how regularly you wash your hair. We suggest having your treatment done at regular intervals to guarantee that you have solid and sound hair.

What care do you give to your hair after botox treatment?

After you receive your hair botox treatment, it is important that you just use products without sulfate and paraben cleanser and conditions. Do not worry about after care as our hair specialists will guide you through all these guidelines to maintain the hair texture for the prescribed time.
Know the difference between Hair Botox and Keratin

A keratin treatment (additionally referred to by most as a Brazilian Blowout) is a compound treatment that goes about as a synthetic fixing and smoothing specialist for your hair. Numerous keratin medicines contain the substance formaldehyde, which can be very disturbing to those with delicate scalps. Keratin medicines work best with those that have exceptionally thick wavy hair that is inclined to frizz. Seeking a keratin treatment can help make ordinary styling simpler and more sensible.
Whereas hair botox doesn’t contain any chemicals. A kind of conditioning treatment will assist your hair with feeling smoother and more hydrated. It won’t fix your hair like a keratin treatment would. However, it will be easier to style and keep up with your look. Hair botox functions admirably with each sort of hair. Those with more slender, better hair would be more fit to involve a hair botox treatment over keratin as it will thicken the hair. Indeed, those with exceptionally thick wavy hair who need their hair straight with a gleaming, sound look are ideal for doing the keratin and botox together. Hair botox is additionally safe on coloured hair, so you can generally add a coloring service when you come in.

Take away
Hair Botox treatment regularly gets all the recognition for being so normal. In any case, no one thinks often about the likely dangers of seeking the treatment for your hair. Hope we have assisted you in focusing on your hair regarding the botox. Smoother and attractive hair awaits you! Get it from us!

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